How to Report a COVID-19 Case


Contact Tracing of COVID-19 potential and positive cases has been proven as an important and effective part of the overall COVID-19 Plan to keep our students and employees safe during these unprecedented times.

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Below is the current procedure for the SFCC COVID-19 Contact Tracing program and rapid response, as well as the call tree that outlines the notification pattern for any Covid -19 case affecting SFCC students or employees. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please feel free to contact Ramar Jette, BSHSM, RRT, CHSE, at or call 505-428-1342

Contact Tracing:

SFCC is collaborating with the NM Department of Health (DOH), Public Health Division for contact tracing. The college has identified appropriate contacts at (DOH) for coordination and rapid response testing. Furthermore, in alignment with emergency amendment to 11.5.1 NMAC, Section 16, the College will report COVID-19 cases within four (4) hours of learning that an employee or student tested positive for COVID-19. SFCC will report the positive test to the New Mexico Environment Department, Occupational Health and Safety Bureau at the designated email and/or telephone.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Case Types:

In accordance with the NMDOH and CDC COVID-19 Contact Tracing guidelines, the SFCC Contact Tracing Team will initiate tracing and monitoring on the following types of cases:

Failed Screenings: A Failed Screening is defined as someone that has answered “Yes” to any of the established screening station questions or has a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Concerned Exposure:  A concerned exposure is any SFCC student or employee thatmay have been in direct contact with a positive case or are currently displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.

Confirmed Contact Case: A Confirmed Contact Case is any case where a person has met the NMDOH degree of exposure to a COVID-19 positive person.

Positive COVID-19 Case: A Positive COVID-19 Case indicates the NMDOH or other testing site has contacted the person to confirm that their COVID-19 test is positive, and they are under mandatory isolation.

Definitions From CDC (

  • Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick.
  • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

Contact Tracing and Rapid Response Procedure:

In the eventthat an SFCC employee and/or student has a COVID-19 Concerned Exposure, Failed Screening, Confirmed Contact and/or Positive Case the following steps will be taken:

  • When  SFCC Faculty, Staff Supervisors, Deans and/or Security personnel are notified of a COVID-19 case involving an SFCC employee and/or student, they will immediately contact the following COVID-19 SFCC Team members by secure SFCC email.
    • For SFCC Student Cases – Notify their respective SFCC College Dean and/ or Vice President (VP) for Academic and Student Affairs Margaret Peters
    • For SFCC Employee cases – Notify the Director of Human resources Luis Olivas 
  • Janelle Moya, the SFCC Contact Tracer Nurse, will immediately contact the COVID-19 Case using NMDOH established contact tracing script and guidelines to gather key information to start the case tracing.
  • Ray Jette, SFCC COVID-19 Point of Contact, will initiate a case within the SFCC COVID-19 Tracking database and assist the Contact Tracer Nurse in managing the case records. He will also email the VP of Academic and Student Affairs and the Director of Human Resources for all cases except Failed Screenings, the Director of Security will contact them.
  • Janelle Moya, SFCC Contact Tracer will then reach out to the SFCC NMDOH Contact (RN and/or Epidemiologist) via telephone and encrypted email. The NMDOH Contact will give guidance and recommendations regarding specific Employee/Student COVID-19 cases regarding testing, isolation, and/or quarantine via encrypted email.
  • Per SFCC NMDOH Contact specific given guidance and recommendations, Janelle Moya, SFCC Contact Tracer will then contact the COVID-19 Case; if the case involves an Employee, Luis Olivas the Human Resources Director will be notified by email; if it is a student case, Margaret Peters VP for Academic and Student Affairs and the appropriate Dean will be notified. Chris Gettler, the SFCC Director of Security, will also be notified by email and he will be in charge of notifying the necessary security personnel as well as the Director of Facilities and Operations, Henry Mignardot, of areas on Campus require cleaning and or sanitation. 
  • Janelle Moya, SFCC Contact Tracer (or if authorized by the COVID-19 Case, the Contact Tracing Student Nurse) will follow up in a timely manner (daily, once a week, twice a week or three times a week), which will be specific to each situation, with the COVID-19 Case (Employee and/or Student) according to the SFCC NMDOH Contact guidance and recommendations.
  • If any SFCC student assistance, resources and/or counseling are needed and if the COVID-19 Case gives authorization, Janelle Moya, RN, MSN SFCC Contact Tracer will contact the Thomasinia Ortiz, Associate VP of Student Services at
  • Janelle Moya, SFCC Contact Tracer will notify all involved in the COVID-19 case if there are any changes; if an Employee, Luis Olivas the Human Resources Director will be notified; if a student, Margaret Peters, VP for Academic and Student Affairs and the appropriate student Dean will be notified.   Chris Gettler at , The Director of Security will also be notified and they will be in charge of notifying their personnel if needed.

It is critical that all SFCC employees and/or students strictly adhere to the SFCC NMDOH Contact’s guidance and recommendations in order to keep everyone safe and to assist in getting the COVID-19 case back on campus as soon as allowable. For the privacy and confidentiality of the SFCC employees and/or students it is imperative that the COVID-19 cases private health information be treated as highly confidential by everyone involved. There should not be any information about the SFCC employee and/or student condition shared outside of the individuals listed above in the policy. This will ensure compliance with HIPAA and FERPA policies and procedures.

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