SFCC Employee On Campus Protocol during COVID-19


Purpose & Understanding the Risk of COVID-19

Santa Fe Community College is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning space for students, staff, and community. Members of SFCC leadership are closely following COVID-19 developments and continue to follow guidance from local, state, and national levels.

Adhering to SFCC policies and procedures, New Mexico Department of Health and Center for Disease Control guidelines, and regulatory requirements is the best strategy to combat the risk of COVID-19. Every staff, student, faculty, and community member shares a responsibility in trying to maintain a healthy and safe environment at SFCC.

The information in this guide is intended to help employees understand their responsibilities and rights during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. As more information about COVID-19 is learned, guidance and recommendations will evolve. Similarly, the contents of this guide and SFCC policy will evolve, and the community will be updated of changes. If you are unclear, encountering a new situation, or have concerns, please ask your supervisor for clarification and guidance.

-Cleaning: Custodial staff are continuing to clean common areas on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day using “E-23” cleaner. In addition, we are disinfecting high traffic areas utilizing an “E-Mist” procedure.

-Facilities: Facilities staff has made physical barriers available for requested areas. If you believe your area is in need of a clear physical barrier for safety purposes, please notify your supervisor to submit a request. Facilities staff are also following industry standards on indoor air quality as it relates to heating and cooling needs.

-Mandatory Training: All employees are required to complete a onetime Knowbe4 training on COVID-19 best practices. Training serves as a reminder on how to minimize risk of exposure and transmission. Department specific training may also be required. This training has been sent to employees via email and also can be accessed through the SFCC Connect intranet at the Knowbe4 application.

-One Site Screening: All employees, students, and visitors to SFCC campus are required to undergo a screening when arriving on campus. If an employee fails this screening, they will not be allowed to come on campus until the OHR and the employees’ supervisor are notified that COVID Procedures have been followed.

-PPE and Mask Requirements: All SFCC employees, students, and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times. This is in accordance to public
health orders. Masks are available at check in stations if you do not have one. Please feel free to remind others to wear their masks or notify security/safety aides if you are uncomfortable doing so. For access to PPE please contact the SFCC Security Office at 505-428-1224.

-Managing Building Occupancy Levels: Currently the SFCC office of Security and Safety is monitoring that building occupancy is being held to 25% of Santa Fe Fire Marshall capacity as per the Governor’s Health Order requirements. This occupancy level is subject to change pursuant to Health Order directives.

-Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer dispensers are located around campus, along with additional sanitizer in common office areas. These are routinely monitored and restocked daily.

-Reopening Approval Process: Every department head is required to submit a reopening plan that addresses internal cleaning procedures, employee schedules, and additional employee protocols.

-Getting Tested: All employees are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 if they are experiencing symptoms or feel they have been exposed. To sign up for a testing slot use this link: https://cvtestreg.nmhealth.org. Follow up by calling 505-476-2600. Additional testing sites can be found at https://cvprovider.nmhealth.org/directory.html.

Custodial Services
SFCC custodial staff are working hard to help keep us all safe. The team has always placed real importance on a healthy work environment. The surfaces custodial staff will sanitize include but are not limited to: tables, floors, phones, and door handles. Custodial services is not responsible for cleaning specialized equipment or computer equipment.

In addition to daily schedule of custodial duties, additional COVID-19 precautions and duties have been assigned. These include:
• Extensive training in the proper use of chemicals.
• Extensive training in the proper use of all PPE.
• Spray all walls and tiled surfaces with E-23.
• Clean all high contact surfaces: stair rails, door handles, etc.
• Clean all floors and carpet areas as needed with both carpet cleaner and E-23.

Increased Cleaning
Employees will take ownership of cleaning personal spaces (i.e. personal desk/cubicle/counter, keyboard, phone, etc.), so you will need to do this upon your return to the worksite. The level of use should determine the frequency of cleaning. Talk with your supervisor about your plan to maintain a clean work environment on a daily basis. If necessary
employees should share the responsibility of duties through a rotational schedule. For access to cleaning supplies please contact SFCC Facilities at 505-428-1650.

When To Return
Please continue to communicate with your supervisor on your on-campus/remote work status. If you are able to work effectively from home and this does not impact your service to students or community, you should continue to do so. If your essential job junctions can only be performed on campus, you will need to come on site.

If there is a need to come on campus, please work closely with your supervisor. Notifying your supervisor is an effort to control the flow and number of individuals visiting a certain area. Your time on campus should be limited and strictly for work purposes. Unless your position requires your on-site presence, your time on campus should be minimized.

Employees Right To Reasonable Accommodation
Although all individuals are susceptible to contracting COVID-19, some individuals with underlying health issues may be more prone to severe illness and complications. If you believe your current health state may put you at higher risk, you may request a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please notify the Office of Human Resources at hrdept@sfcc.edu or notify your supervisor.

Employees who must miss work due to illness, quarantine, family care, or child care due to school closure may be eligible to utilize Emergency Paid Sick Leave, as well as, Emergency Family And Medical Leave. Additionally, regular sick and annual leave can be utilized in accordance to SFCC policy.

SFCC Policies
All employees are to continue to work and adhere to college policies. The campus may be closed to limited operations, but SFCC is still open. It is important to continue to adhere to professional and civil interactions while performing duties for the college.

Social Distancing:
Employees must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times including hallways, classrooms/labs, bathrooms, and inside/outside gathering spaces. Access to campus is restricted to the area approved for employees. No loitering or wandering around campus will be allowed.

Bathroom Use:
Only two people in a bathroom at one time.

Mental Health and Stress
These are stressful and uncertain times for everyone, and we need to be mindful of our interactions. Extra patience needs to be practiced as we all adjust to a new situation. If you are feeling stressed or need someone to talk to, reach out to our EAP ComPsych at 1-855-399-2524 or www.Guidanceresources.com Group ID: SFCC.

If You Are Sick, Or Feeling Unwell, Stay Home.
Ultimately, you are responsible for your health. Only you know how you truly feel. If you are feeling sick or a bit off, stay home and seek medical attention as necessary. If you are truly feeling ill and cannot work at all, notify your supervisor and hrdept@sfcc.edu.

COVID-19 Best Practices Training
Prior to coming onto campus, you should complete the one-time online Knowbe4 training on COVID best practices. All employees will receive an email invitation to complete this training and employees can access this training via the SFCC Connect intranet at the Knowbe4 application. If you have been on campus previously, please access this training and complete it as soon as you can.

Bring and wear your mask at all times while on campus. Your mask needs to cover your mouth and nose. You are only allowed to remove your mask while eating and drinking. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you at the screening stations throughout the college. Face masks must be work appropriate in terms of imagery, material, and form. They should not be offensive. No Halloween masks are allowed.

Water is available on campus from water filling stations. As this is a high touch surface, the college will be wiping down the filling stations with disinfectant and provide disinfecting wipes for employees to use when obtaining water. If employees do not feel comfortable utilizing the public filling stations, they are encouraged to bring their own water for the day.

Shared Equipment:
Sanitize shared equipment with alcohol (monitors, electronics, copier touchpads, table/desk tops and phones, etc) or cleaning wipes before and after use. Wash/Sanitize hands before touching and after using shared equipment such as copiers, phones, and computers. Avoid touching doors with hands (use elbows, arms, shoulders, etc ).

Meals and food should be eaten at designated break times only. If you have a health condition or feel your blood sugar is low, please have a snack. Snacking all day as a tactic for mask avoidance will not be tolerated. As a best practice, meals need to be eaten away from others and at a minimum distance of 6 feet from anyone at your table. Do not use microwaves, vending machines, or break rooms (bring your own prepared food and drinks).

Breaks should be staggered if at all possible. This will be determined by your superior. While on break, you are required to keep you mask on and social distance.

Supervisors must keep a record of all employee equipment that has been taken home as a result of work from home requirements. All equipment that was taken home to help facilitate remote working should be returned to the campus once on campus operations are permitted in your work area.

Shared Office Space
If you work in a shared office space, please try to minimize the sharing of office supplies and equipment if possible. If this is not possible, please sanitize shared equipment before and after usage. If your position requires you to operate a college vehicle, please ensure to sanitize high touch areas within that vehicle.

Work Space
Please be mindful of your own workspaces and how to best keep them clean and sanitized. Desks, counters, and work areas should be free of clutter and should be cleaned at the start and end of each workday or in accordance to your department specific protocol. The frequency of use should determine the frequency of cleaning office surfaces. Employees will be responsible for the sanitizing of their phones, computer hardware, office equipment, and other high touch areas in accordance with their department specific protocol.

Employee Visitors:
Employees must come to campus alone. No family, visitors or children are allowed to spend prolonged periods of time on campus at this time.

All supervisors are required to enforce and maintain adherence to the expectations in this guide. Supervisors must recognize that they are key to helping maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Staff members must have their supervisor’s approval to come onto campus. This is necessary to avoid situations that would violate social distancing requirements.

If an employee calls in sick or notifies you of COVID-19 diagnosis, supervisors must notify the Office of Human Resources immediately. If an employee is feeling unwell, their supervisor should send the employee home for the day and ask them to remain home and seek medical treatment if necessary.

As a supervisor, you may be contacted by the New Mexico Department of Health for contact tracing. Please comply with the questions they may ask, and notify your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources if you are contacted.

Lastly, all supervisors should avoid sharing misinformation and failing to protect employee privacy.

Thank you for everything you do under these challenging circumstances and thank you for keeping everyone safe at SFCC.

Eating Areas on Campus

Students and employees are discouraged from eating on campus. However if needed, students and employees are allowed to eat on campus only in the designated eating areas. The designated eating areas set up are designed to maintain 6-ft social distancing and the furniture in the areas must not be moved. If students or employees have decided to eat their meal on campus, they are encouraged to eat in their offices if possible or use the nearest available designated eating space. After students or employees finish their meals they are expected to either return to their classrooms / office spaces or leave the campus. No loitering on campus will be allowed. PLEASE SANITIZE YOUR EATING AREA BEFORE AND AFTER USE . Contact security (505-428-1224) if no cleaning supplies are available.

The following areas have been designated as authorized eating areas:

  • Health Science student lounge and atrium by the bio-wall
  • Study space outside of woodworking lab
  • Study space outside of culinary lab
  • Study space outside of the radio station
  • Study space outside of media lab
  • Campus center
  • Atrium outside of student development office
  • TATC: tables along the walls
  • TATC entrance lounge (after 5 PM)
  • Arts entrance
  • Arts: tables by the photography lab

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