SFCC COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Individual Vax Pass Card


Apply for an SFCC COVID -19 Vaccinated Individual VAX PASS Campus Access Card (formerly FAST PASS)
f you have already signed up for a FAST PASS that is sufficient. You do not need a VAX PASS.

Here’s how to apply for your card:

  1. Scan or take a photo of your completed CDC COVID -19 Vaccination card.
  2. Send the scanned copy or photo to Lucia Lucero at lucia.lucero@sfcc.edu
  3. Lucia will issue the card on the date you are considered Fully Vaccinated (14 days after your last vaccination).

You are being given this information to provide an opportunity for fully-vaccinated individuals access to Santa Fe Community College campus and the Santa Fe Higher Education Center. You are not required to participate, but this provides important information to the college about your the vaccination status.  For the most up-to-date information visit: https://sfccupgrade.mindsharedevelopment.com/covid/.  On that page you will find sections for: Employee On-campus Protocol, Student On-Campus Protocol and Visitor On-Campus Protocol.

Your privacy and confidential personal health information is important to SFCC. This information will be kept in a secure computer file that is only accessed by the SFCC Contact Tracing Team and the COVID-19 Point of Contact for the purposes of administrating the SFCC COVID -19 Safety protocols.

Please familiarize yourself with the full CDC Guidance for fully vaccinated persons.

Questions? Contact: The SFCC COVID-19 point of contact Ramar Jette via email at ramar.jette@sfcc.edu.Please reach out to the SFCC Covid Point of Contact Ramar Jette at Ramar.jette@sfcc.edu or Lead SFCC Contact Tracing Nurse Janelle Moya Janelle.Moya@sfcc.edu if you have any questions or concerns. Thank You, Your SFCC COVID-19 Team

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