SFCC Coronavirus Closure General FAQs


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Yes! Please see the William C. Witter Fitness Education Center page for details on how to access the Fitness Center. 

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Yes, the campus is now open, but please take precautions to keep yourself and our community safe. See Student on-campus protocol.

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Yes! The college is now open for hosting events.  Please visit the Conference Services page for information about scheduling your event. 

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If you think you are having symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, been in contact with someone who is displaying symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, or you have tested positive for COVID 19, you should stay home and first call the 24-hour New Mexico Department of Health hotline at 1-855-600-3453. They will provide an over-the-phone assessment and guidance for next steps. It’s also very important that you contact your SFCC instructor(s) or, if you are an employee, your immediate supervisor as soon as possible. This will help the SFCC COVID -19 Response team help you with the next steps to allow you back on campus as soon as possible as well as protect everyone in the SFCC Community. Please view SFCC’s Contact Tracing and Rapid Response Procedures on Page 6.

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Contact counselors at ComPsych Guidance Resources at 866-676-3367, TTY 800-697-0353.

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Online classes will continue as scheduled.  NMHU faculty are working to adapt in-person classes to an online format wherever possible.  Contact your instructor for more information.

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This is a stressful situation. Please consider making an extra effort to practice self-care, physical health, mindfulness practices or whatever works for you, to help allay anxiety and promote personal health.

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